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15 Minutes with Peony Lim

15 Minutes with Peony Lim

Peony Lim shot by Mildred Cheng in London for Rhea Magazine

We spent a quick 15 minutes with fashion blogger Peony Lim (@peonylim) in London to talk about her aesthetic, fashion week and advice for new bloggers. Scroll through to learn more about Peony and her blogging success story.

Mildred: What is the biggest struggle you have come across since you started blogging?

Peony: Time management. Definitely. Obviously, the more work you get, the more of a struggle it becomes between what you want to do and between the actual manpower you have to carry it out, and I’m not very good at distributing work to other people. I got an agent and I have a secretary now so that’s helped a lot, but because everyone wants you as a person rather than your team, it’s much harder to distribute yourself around. The better you get at letting go of your business, the more you can oversee it rather than directly manage everything. It becomes easier.

M: Do you prefer Asia or UK?

P: I love both and I would be very sad if I didn’t have either. I’ve always grown up with both, so it’s like choosing your favorite child, you can’t choose.

M: What is your favorite genre to write about?

P: In terms of editorial, I still love producing fashion. I wish I wasn’t in the fashion, I think I would enjoy it even more. But in terms of actually enjoying the content and using the content, the food and the travel for sure. 

M: Have you been going to London Fashion Week and other Fashion Weeks?

P: Yes, I’ve been going for the past seven years. I’ve missed a few seasons along the way because of life commitments and such, and it’s such a different experience now compared to when I started going. I’m much picker now when I go, just going to shows where I actually have an association with the brand and there’s a reason for me to be there rather than just floating around the shows. 

M: What’s the difference between Fashion Week when it started in comparison to now?

P: When I first started going to New York for Fashion Week, there was one other London blogger there, but now there are thousands. I think it’s very easy to get lost in the crowd and get muddled with other influencers. The last thing I want is to create an attitude that is like any other online influencer. I think it’s important to edit yourself and your exposure as much as your site.

M: Is the excitement of going to Fashion Week still there?

P: For sure! There are definitely moments where you sit in Chanel and you think, how did I end up here? And it’s amazing, I don’t think the excitement will ever wear off. 

Peony Lim shot by Mildred Cheng in London for Rhea Magazine

M: Moving a little away from fashion - what is your favorite cuisine?

P: Funnily enough I just went on detox and I loved the food but there was no sugar at all and it really made me miss cake. I love cake! Cake is the ultimate treat and it’s always a treat. Cake is never a meal, it’s always a treat. Cake is always exciting. It’s not a cuisine, but it’s my favourite food.

M: What is a staple clothing item for you at the moment?

P: Jeans and white shirts are always staple clothing items for me.

M: What about for the winter?

P: I only wear cashmere. This sounds awful, but I have sensitive skin, so I can't wear synthetic because it causes irritations and brings out my eczema. So if I'm wearing a knit, it will be wool, cotton or cashmere. In the winter it's very warm. 

Peony Lim shot by Mildred Cheng in London for Rhea Magazine

M: Who is your role model?

P: I don’t know if I really think like that. My mum is an amazing person and she is probably the person I look up to the most. She is incredibly creative, very intelligent, has beautiful manners, she’s very grown up. One day maybe I’ll be grown up!

M: Where do you see you and your blog in five years?

P: I’m doing my house up at the moment so hopefully I will be living in my house, that will be very exciting. Hopefully the site will have expanded and I will have taken on contributors so I won’t be writing all of the content anymore. And also shooting editorials that don’t include me, so it’s more of an editorial platform rather than a platform about me. I will still curate the style and the aesthetic and oversee all of that, to make sure that everything is still on brand and things that I would buy and wear and do. There are some shoots that I can’t do, some things just don’t look good on me. I can’t be a blonde boho girl, but I would love to create that shoot.

M: What is one piece of advice you would give to a new blogger?

P: Don’t blend in. I think the worst thing that people do is that they see a successful kind of content on a specific platform and they think, okay well if I shoot a macaroon or a dog a picture of my food on the table, that this is somehow going to create a following, and yes in a generic sense you will get a response from it, but you’ll never be original, you’ll never be the front of the group. To be original it does take longer and is harder, but rewards are greater for it.

M: How do you stay true to yourself and your own aesthetic? Especially with social media now, you’re bound to be influenced by others.

P: I’m very cut-throat on social media. If I think that someone is polluting my aesthetic, even if I like them, even if we’re friends, I delete them. It’s important to keep a clean palette, so if you feel like something is influencing you in a negative way, even if the content is of really high quality, but it’s just not your aesthetic and it’s leading you down that road, then you delete. Controlled exposure!

Follow Peony on Instagram @peonylim and visit her blog at peonylim.com.

Peony Lim shot by Mildred Cheng in London for Rhea Magazine


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