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4 Steps To A Better Bum

4 Steps To A Better Bum

Presented by 2XU and HOKA

Want to get curvier to look good in that cocktail dress for your next party? Aiming for those J. Lo curves might be slightly unrealistic, but we've got a few helpful exercises that can definitely give your backside a quick boost. Start working on these now to (hopefully) see effects by next week. 

20 Full Squats

Start with your legs hip-distance apart. Squat until your knees are at 90 degrees. Don't forget to keep your chest up and your back flat. 

20 Toe Taps

Lay on the ground. Bring your legs to a table top position (as shown). Tap your right heel to the floor, then the left. Activate your core by pulling your ab muscles towards your spine. 

10 Kick Backs

Get onto all fours. Kick your left foot back and up. Make sure to keep your hips level. Switch to the other side.

30 Second Squat Hold

Eleanor Lam shot by Brian HK Chan for Rhea Magazine

Go back to your squat position, keeping your knees at 90 degrees, chest up and back flat. Hold for 30 seconds. 

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