Our First Month

Kelly Chan by Brian HK Chan for Rhea Magazine

This week marks our first month of publishing content on our website. So far, we already have fashion stories from Hong Kong and London, a Beauty story with one of Hong Kong's most influential fashion bloggers, a Culture story with a Cantopop star and even health tips from an indoor cycling instructor from Sydney. I'm so proud of my team for pushing all this original content in such a short period of time. All of our Editors are multitalented - they shoot and write all of their own stories. 

Kelly Chan by Brian HK Chan for Rhea Magazine

As you may have noticed, our Magazine's tagline is Feel Inspired. We wanted to position ourselves as a publication that's forward-thinking, change-embracing and thought-provoking. Our aim is to inspire readers to dream, and to make those dreams come true. This is why our stories aren't your usual product placements or Top 5 lists; our stories are focused on people - creative and hardworking individuals who we really admire. All our stories should achieve two things: 1. Provide information, and 2. Make you think. 

I'm sure our first month of stories have successfully illustrated this point, and hopefully you get a sense of our vibe and why we're doing this. Because frankly, we're here for the 'art' of it all. Our Magazine started without any funding or investors, and we're not backed by a big publication or media professional with loads of connections - and this is our edge. All of us at Rhea are dreamers. And in founding this Magazine and growing it to success, we want to become achievers. (And ultimately we want to inspire you to chase your dreams. You get the drill). 

So what's the plan now? We're focusing on online stories until early next year, when hopefully we'll have created a strong foundation and readership to launch our print edition in mid-2016. I'm super excited for the things to come, and I sincerely hope you will join us on our journey. 

Brian HK Chan, Editor-in-Chief 

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