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Morgan Guth @thewelldressedworkout shot by Brian HK Chan for Rhea Magazine

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Morgan Guth is a woman of many talents and careers: a ballerina up till the age of 18, a Sydney-based film and fashion PR chick, and now a yoga teacher and indoor cycling instructor in Hong kong. How did it happen? Is it the life she had planned? And what is @thewelldressedworkout?

Morgan Guth @thewelldressedworkout shot by Brian HK Chan for Rhea Magazine
Morgan Guth @thewelldressedworkout shot by Brian HK Chan for Rhea Magazine

The Move

I came to Hong Kong around 6 years ago after having lived in Sydney for most of my life. I needed a dramatic change, to push out of my comfort zone, to create change we to need to change, so I did. I finished up with a fantastic job in Sydney which found me in luxury events and publicity and finally made the move to Hong Kong where I wanted to give myself one year to see how things turn out. My dream job didn't come as quickly as I had hoped, still - I took each and every job this city had to offer - ultimately it was inevitable I would return back to my roots of movement and dance

Unexpected Opportunities

Amidst my job search, I realised just how bustling and vibrant this city is. I needed to keep moving, but at what pace? I went to my first yoga class within 3 weeks of landing on the island. Fast forward three more months and I was on the mat full-time in my teacher training. It was a good place where I could see a future and lifetime in this world.

Being in the right place at the right time is crucial in this city, timing is absolutely everything - it's led me down all kinds of roads. I started teaching indoor spin classes 2 years ago, which pushes me so much and has totally transformed my life. This type of unplanned challenge guided me into a world I never knew I could handle - the cardio and physicality, demands on the body, and extraordinary amounts of focused energy is what gets me through one week at a time.

Morgan Guth @thewelldressedworkout shot by Brian HK Chan for Rhea Magazine


Even with all this physical activity, I am not a fitness geek. I don’t count carbs and I’ve never actively “hit the gym” before, despite desperately needing to upgrade to all the gyms in the city. For me, staying fit definitely means balancing a very healthy social life/diet/workout - perhaps the social life a little more. I remain focused on yoga and notice when my body needs a rest and when I can push that little touch further.

Morgan Guth @thewelldressedworkout shot by Brian HK Chan for Rhea Magazine


I started blogging @thewelldressedworkout over a year ago now - like most bloggers or those inclined to be obsessed with the fashion industry,  I wanted to do this for as long as i can remember. I started to follow and be intrigued with  some of the very first influences to make a stand in the blog world from Sea of Shoes to style rookie, 4th and bleeker and they all hate us, my morning routine was ruled by their next post or update. Now it's tough to meet someone who isn't starting a blog or an Instagram account and I totally embrace that - it can be a something you just enjoy doing or a full time job. I am pretty relaxed. I don't hustle and just really enjoy making perfect images and combining my ballet and yoga background with fashion and fitness. I love collaborating on new ideas and for me, every shoot (if it is for yoga) is an opportunity to further my practice and perfect a pose or arm balance.

Morgan Guth @thewelldressedworkout shot by Brian HK Chan for Rhea Magazine
Morgan Guth @thewelldressedworkout shot by Brian HK Chan for Rhea Magazine

“So what do you workout in?”

If you asked me to choose one single brand I would struggle. Fitness apparel is taking over in a big way, even high-end brands are doing fitness wear. But if I really had to choose, then V Files sport. I want their whole collection now!
I've heard that Acne is doing a line of sportswear so when that happens I might change my mind. Saatchi collaborating with Nike is also phenomenal.


Well I want to do this for as long as I can, but obviously I know there’s going to be a time limit.

Bottom Line

You can’t always plan for what you’re going to do in life: you have to embrace the changes and rejection and try to find opportunities throughout it all. The universe has a funny way of making sure you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. Always be willing to try new things, stay open to new ideas and never say no - you never know where it could lead you!

You can follow Morgan on Instagram @thewelldressedworkout and check out her website at

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