10 Under-The-Radar Aussie Male Models To Follow

It's Monday. Meaning it's a hard day to get through. So why not start the week right with little bit of eye candy / gympiration (if you're a guy)?

Here's a quick round-up of a few guys from down under that we think, at least on Instagram, deserve way more attention. Let us know in the comments below if you like these lists and want us to do more *wink*. 

Disclaimer: We're pretty sure they're all Australian but we're not completely sure, so please forgive us if we're wrong (we just woke up)...

Chris Theo (@christheo1)

fresh digis this morning πŸ“Έ

A photo posted by CHRIS THEO (@christheo1) on

Nick Truelove (@nicktruelove)

Jumping from summer to winter overnight didn't even faze me. β˜ƒ Happy Sunday πŸ‘…

A photo posted by Nick Truelove (@nicktruelove) on

Zach Grenenger (@zachgrenenger)

Jacob Hankin (@jacobhankin)

Location, location, location 🚐🚐

A photo posted by JACOB HANKIN (@jacobhankin) on

Paul Tockuss (@paultockuss)

Sunday puppy spam @josephsinclair

A photo posted by Paul (@paultockuss) on

Hunter Parkes (@hunterparkes)

Josh Carroll (@swaggyjc)

skinny boi, fat dreams

A photo posted by JOSH CARROLL (@swaggyjc) on

Nathan McGuire (@nathan.mcguire)

Charlie Kennedy (@charliedkennedy)

Lost my wallet but found some sunshine! πŸŒžπŸ˜‘ #fe

A photo posted by CHARLIE DANGER KENNEDY (@charliedkennedy) on

Toby James (@tobyjamees)

Cover image courtesy Nick Truelove on Instagram @nicktruelove.

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