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DIY Relaxation with New Collection from The Body Shop

DIY Relaxation with New Collection from The Body Shop

The Body Shop Spa of the World Collection

Work and stress seem to come hand in hand, you don’t need a scatter graph to show that correlation. But as time goes on, work (and school) can get a bit overwhelming with the all the deadlines and due dates. Yes we’re slowly easing into the routine of it all, but isn’t there something else we can do to help us out a little? Well, here’s a little special something that The Body Shop has recently introduced that will be sure to release all your pent up stress and help you catch a small breather.

The Body Shop’s new Spa of the World range takes you to a place of peace and serenity. The most treasured ancient beauty rituals from the four corners of the globe inspire their unique range and what better place to emulate them and enjoy the ultimate spa experience than from your very own bathroom? This gorgeously presented collection captures the essence of natural beauty in the most diverse and mesmerising form. From the soothing skies of the Hawaiian sunrise to the sweet-smelling flora of Japan to the invigorating coolness of the salty sea, sit back and escape to somewhere truly amazing with this deliciously scented new range. Check out some of these products from the collection that we’re dying to have:

Brazilian Cupuacu Scrub-in-oil, HK$299 for 350ml

Brazilian Capuacu Scrub-in-oil from The Body Shop

Rich in fatty acids and polyphenols, the cupuaçu nut is the Amazonian secret to smooth, glowing, deeply nourished skin. A nourishing coat of rich oil hides a thick, textured layer of salt crystals. This combination can be blended together so that you can choose the level of exfoliation to suit your skins needs. Whether you lightly exfoliate your décolletage or get tougher with dry elbows, skin is left feeling smooth, glowing and deeply moisturised with a nutty, luxurious scent – perfect for layering with the Hawaiian Kukui Cream that’s also in the collection. 

Atlantic Seaweed Cream, HK$299 for 350ml

Atlantic Seaweed Cream by The Body Shop

Women have long believed in the power of the sea and its minerals and plant life to hydrate and revitalize their skin and we couldn’t agree more. After a long day on your feet, cool down and indulge with this light and refreshing gel-cream, which is infused with seaweed and menthol, which instantly awakes the senses. The light moisturiser leaves the body invigorated, and with an aquatic scent that is perfect for layering with the Mediterranean Sea Salt Scrub

Japanese Camellia Scented Candle, HK$239

Japanese Camellia Scented Candle by The Body Shop

The gently soothing scent of the camellia flower has long been incorporated into serene Japanese relaxation methods. The flower’s exquisite and pure scent allows the body and mind to connect with a rare moment of peace. Light the scented candle to find instant tranquillity that will allow your mind to rest.

So far, we all love this new range from The Body Shop; with products smelling so heavenly, it’s hard not to fall in love with it. The new range will be available in stores from October 13th, 2016, so don't forget to head down to The Body Shop to get your hands on some of these scrummy products and let us know what you think by commenting down below or by tweeting us @rheamagazine and tagging us on Instagram @rheamagazine

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