Lucky Blue Smith and Hailey Baldwin Return To Tommy Jeans Campaign

  Courtesy: Tommy Hilfiger

Courtesy: Tommy Hilfiger

Fashion's cool teens Lucky Blue Smith and Hailey Baldwin are back at it in their second Tommy Jeans advertising campaign for fall 2016. As Tommy Hilfiger's Hilfiger Denim capsule collection, Tommy Jeans continues to celebrate the brand's classics from the 90's - you won't miss any reds, whites and blues here. 

Logos are emblazoned everywhere - puffer jackets, beanies, underwear, track pants, dresses... whatever clothing item, you'll have a Tommy Hilfiger logo on it. But who can blame Hilfiger? Logos are back! As the designer puts it,  "Our Tommy Jeans collection is all about nostalgia and iconic staples, with updated silhouettes and a new edge. Reminiscing on this era reminds me of some incredible memories — from our first collaborations with musicians and celebrities to our continued passion for pop culture." 

The new Tommy Jeans collection is available at Tommy Hilfiger stores worldwide. 

Scroll through the full Tommy Jeans campaign below: 

All images courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger.

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