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Christmas Gifts for Her: MAC's Shadescents Fragrance Collection

Christmas Gifts for Her: MAC's Shadescents Fragrance Collection

MAC Fragrances

If you know a makeup lover and you’re looking for some stocking stuffers for the upcoming present-giving season (only 23 days away…not that we’re counting), we’ve got just the fix for you. 

To celebrate some of their cult classics, MAC is launching 6 fragrances inspired by their signature colours! Namely; Ruby Woo, Lady Danger, Candy Yum Yum, Crème d’Nude, My Heroine and of course the coveted nude, Velvet Teddy. Suitably dubbed “Shadescents”, we expect these to be all the rage over the festive season. Each fragrance is reminiscent of the color the lipstick wearer chooses, whether it be the bold pop from Ruby Woo or the soft sheen of Velvet Teddy, each scent is unique and will leave you dousing yourself in it.

Ruby Woo

Everyone has either owned or at least worn this classic shade of blue toned red, evoking the sense of fun and excitement. The Shadescent for Ruby Woo is described to be a woody floral, with notes of leather.

Ruby Woo by MAC Cosmetics

Lady Danger

This vivid coral red is like its name suggests, it awakens the sense of danger and thrill. Those who wear it feel empowered and unstoppable. With a woody floriental (floral + oriental) scent, the Shadescent is exotic and sexy and will be sure to turn heads. 

Lady Danger by MAC Cosmetics

Candy Yum Yum

Neon pink and unicorns are what every girl needs. This classic electric pink is innocent and flirty but certainly packs a punch. Both girly and bubbly, this Shadescent of course will be cotton candy fantasy, with its sweet notes of candy floss and pineapple. Yum Yum ;) 

Candy Yum Yum by MAC Cosmetics

Crème d'Nude

Beigey pink and soft, no one can forget this classic shade. Easy to wear, with a no-fuss attitude is what this Shadescent is all about. Deep yet simple, the amber musk of this shade makes it quite a universal scent. Just like the lipstick, it’s simple and perfect for everyday wear. 

Crème d'Nude by MAC Cosmetics

My Heroine

My oh my, this lipstick is for the truly rebellious. The bright plummy purple is deep and complex and of course makes the wearer feel invincible and look totally badass at the same time. A deep woody scent with notes of tobacco, this scent can be slightly masculine but it is very very sexy.

My Heroine by MAC Cosmetics

Velvet Teddy

Of course, last but not least, who can leave out everyone’s perfect nude? (Ok to be fair, maybe every pale-skinned person's perfect nude.) Velvet Teddy has made its mark, especially with its recent popularity due to rumours stating that it was Kylie Jenner’s favourite nude. This Shadescent is described to smell like wild honey, with notes of vanilla. A perfect fragrance for a classy lady. 

Velvet Teddy by MAC Cosmetics

Thinking about getting one of these bad boys (or girls) for someone special? Let us know which one you’d like to try by tagging us on Instagram @rheamagazine or Twitter @rheamagazine

Cover graphic by Jade Collins.
Product images courtesy of MAC Cosmetics.

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