Now You Can Run All Night

  Hyoptik Tights by 2XU, photo courtesy of PLUG PR

Hyoptik Tights by 2XU, photo courtesy of PLUG PR

We know the city never gets too dark to run in the evening anyway, but it doesn't hurt to have a little bit of illumination for each step right? This season, 2XU introduces its HYOPTIK Luminescent collection, a brand new range of compression tights that feature a 2XU's signature "X" that glows for up to three hours when fully charged. Basically, these are glow-in-the-dark tights that'll help you stay visible to other runners and drivers (very important), as well as prevent muscle soreness and fatigue by promoting greater blood flow. Pretty cool, right? 

The range comes in three different lengths for both women and men in a variety of colors. The full-length Compression Tights retail for HK$988, the 3/4'' Compression Tights retail for HK$760, and the Compression Shorts retail for HK$630.

In addition to tights, there are also new Compression Socks and Compression Calf Sleeves to choose from for your winter training session. 

Find out more about the new collection at

All images courtesy of PLUG PR. 


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