These Are The Cutest Christmas Cards This Year

kikki.K Christmas 2016 Cards

Finding the perfect Christmas card in Hong Kong always seems to be a challenge every year. Instead of buying cards, most Hongkongers usually make their own cards (which is extremely thoughtful, but also pretty time-consuming and not something we're prepared to do if we're writing more than 20 cards). 

This year, aside from the usual stationery shops and bookstores, we have a new option to browse through: kikki.K! Even though the brand has been around for quite some time, this year they've really stepped up their game with an amazing selection of Christmas cards that are seasonal, fun, and pretty damn luxe. 

Our favorite this year is this pack of square greeting cards with a black and white theme that carries 5 unique designs, each of which come with a striped envelope that opens up to say "Merry Everything" - how is that? 

kikki.K Christmas 2016 Cards

If you're looking for something for a loved one, they've even got these gold foil heart-shaped cards that are a little bit more traditional. 

kikki.K Christmas 2016 Cards

This heart one can even be popped out to use as a tree ornament!

Find your perfect Christmas card and other cute stationery at or visit a kikki.K boutique

All images courtesy of kikki.K.

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