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Things That Made Me Feel Alive

Things That Made Me Feel Alive

Jade Collins by Brian HK Chan

Life live with no ragrets (pun intended).

I feel like in everyone’s lifespan, there will be moments when something can literally change your whole perspective on life. For me, such defining moments have been some of the craziest and most memorable memories so far, and since I live by the mantra “sharing is caring”, here are some of the weirdest, craziest and scariest things I’ve ever done that have made me who I am. What moments shaped you? 

1. I jumped off a boat into a sea full of jellyfish

Ok, to be fair it was “filled” with jellyfish, but there were at least 3 jellyfish that were floating in very close proximity to me. This happened on a boat trip my friends had planned after an end-of-year exam in high school. Thanks to peer pressure, I jumped off the top of the boat into the sea that just so happened to have lots of jellyfish (and god knows what else) swimming around. 

So what was the lesson? You’re never going to know exactly what’s going to happen in the future (the sea), there will be troubles and problems up ahead in life (the jellyfish), but to get through it, you just have to jump into it and see what happens. Maybe you’ll get stung, maybe you won’t. Who knows? Either way, I jumped off a boat and that to me was pretty f*cking cool.

2. I ate a scorpion

When I was on a trip to Harbin last summer, I came across a food street that was selling all sorts of icky and crawly stuff. And even though food streets are notorious for causing food poisoning (and I honestly didn't want to spend my holiday vomiting), I'm a sworn food lover so I wanted to try everything anyway. I came across a stall that sold the most disgusting insects ever - from spiders, to cicadas, to big fat silk worms. And there, on a stick, was a giant deep fried scorpion that had been dipped in spices and smelled surprisingly nice. I trusted my gut (not sure if my gut trusted me) and went for the scorpion, which, frankly, didn't taste as bad as I had expected... hard and crunchy, and a little bit like crab meat.

Plus, I didn't get any food poisoning from it, so that's that. I still feel like such a daredevil sometimes. 

3. I started modeling

I am in no way a professional nor do I hope to ever be one (I’m not the right build nor do I have a very “model-esque” face anyway). But sometimes, I do get asked to help out with shoots (I'm Eurasian - if that explains anything) and often I'd happily oblige since I've always found them fun and exhilarating (ahem, I do write for a fashion magazine at the end of the day).

When I first started, I was sh*t scared and had no idea what I was doing. But like most things you’re new to, you have to practice and get used to it to achieve perfection (or at least a little less amateur). You have to get on set and make it work. Every shoot is a whole new experience since I'm working with different photographers, makeup artists, stylist... Most friends will label me as the shy one, but modeling has already made me more confident as a person and more willing to open up and engage with people - think about how I would be without modeling! Plus, it's allowed me to meet people who share similar passions as me, and overall every experience I’ve had with modeling has been fun and exciting.

4. I shaded my ex (NO REGRETS WHATSOEVER)

Refer to number 4 on here for more info. Seriously though, it took me so much courage. 

5. I had the nerve to talk to someone I admired

When I say talk, I mean message on social media. And when I say admire, I mean, “look up to”, not like I secretly have a crush on you kind of way. But yeah, I got the nerve to message someone and tell them how I admired their work and how it has influenced me to make some decisions in my life and how grateful I was towards them. Internet messaging is a gift, not only because I am socially awkward and shy, but also because I didn't actually know Person A in the beginning, but now Person A has become one of my closest friends. #millennials

So the main message of this is, don’t be shy to initiate, whether it be your crush or idol. It’s a nice feeling for yourself and for them too - basically everyone is happy. 

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