Body Shop's Anti-Pollution Revolution

The Body Shop Anti-Pollution Revolution

Now that we’re edging towards the end of May, I think it’s right to say that summer is finally upon us. For some, the arrival of summer means no school, and endless weeks of sunbathing and doing whatever the hell you please *snaps fingers*. For others, summer makes no difference because, unfortunately, work is a year-round thing, in which case, my heart breaks a little for you.

The rising temperature that summer brings means more time for sunshine and more time spent outdoors, and whilst sunshine can help boost vitamin D production, there are a lot of nasty free radicals out there in the open air that can actually be detrimental to your skin. Luckily, The Body Shop has you covered when it comes to protecting your skin from harmful pollutants with their new Anti-Pollution Revolution Skincare regime, featuring their new Drops of Youth Youth Liquid Peel, Drops of Youth Fresh Emulsion Anti-Pollution (with SPF 20) and Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence (with SPF50 PA++++). Prepare to meet the new generation of skincare that will help to fight pollution and preserve your skin’s youthful appearance.

A recent L’Oréal study highlights the link between pollution and premature skin ageing; particularly that urban pollution is one of the biggest skin aggressors. L’Oréal discovered that people living in busy cities tend to have lower levels of vitamin E, decreased barrier function and dehydrated skin compared with people living in more rural areas. City skin is often less prepared and less protected. Up to 80% of the damage and ageing your skin experiences day after day is linked to external aggressors like UV and pollution. The Body Shop has introduced 3 new products to help combat against the premature ageing and here they are. 

Peel Off City Pollutants

Drops of Youth: Youth Liquid Peel

Pollutants are invisible particles capable of penetrating to the deeper layers of your skin and hair, causing the breakdown of collagen. With a revolutionary texture, this transforming gel-to-peel technology traps and gently lifts impurities, pollutants (even the really fine ones) and dead skin cells to reveal fresher, more youthful-looking skin.

The Body Shop Drops of Youth Liquid Peel

Drops of Youth

Youth Liquid Peel

The Body Shop Drops of Youth Youth Fresh Emulsion

Drops of Youth

Youth Fresh Emulsion 

UV Protection

Drops of Youth: Youth Fresh Emulsion Anti-Pollution SPF20 PA+++

With the infusion of thyme and buddleia extracts, and by having a broad spectrum of UVA and UVB filters, The Body Shop has created a powerful but ultra-light daily emulsion to help protect against pollution and enhance the skin’s youthful appearance. This protective formula hydrates your skin and can be used as your daily moisturiser or as an addition to it.

Sun Defence 

Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence SPF 50 PA++++ 

For brighter looking skin that’s expertly defended, use this sun block (which has a ridiculously light formula for a non-greasy finish) that is enriched with red algae and vitamin C to boost cellular renewal and to achieve a radiant glow. 

The Body Shop Skin Defence

Drops of Youth

Sun Defence

Not only are these products extremely effective, but they are also 100% Vegan. The Body Shop aims to raise awareness about the increasing dangers of pollution, not only to our health but also the environment. The Body Shop’s new products are introducing new concepts in terms of “clean beauty”, what do you guys think? Leave a comment down below and don’t forget to share your thoughts either by tagging us on Instagram @rheamagazine or on Twitter @rheamagazine.

Have a great summer! 

All product photos courtesy of The Body Shop.

Cover art by Jade Collins.

Jade Collins

Editorial Assistant