New Products To Keep Our Skin Hydrated

I’m sure we’ve all been a little naughty these past few weeks with all the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, and I’m pretty sure that our skin is not thanking us for it. As an avid skincare junkie, I’d like to think that I’m pretty handy when it comes to things regarding skincare and beauty. My skin tends to be really fussy, and to be quite honest, it’s hard for a skincare product to truly impress me…BUT… recently I’ve found some skin care beauties that not only satisfy my skin’s need for instant gratification but they are also freaking gorgeous. If you’re looking for some extra bits and pieces to make your skincare routine a little more luxurious (and to keep your skin looking extra plump and healthy), I have just the thing for you.

Tatcha is renowned for its minimalistic skincare range that packs a huge punch. The inspirations for all its products come from the beauty of the Japanese geisha, who are the epitome of grace and beauty. For the upcoming year, Tatcha have some pretty exciting new launches that are bound to make your skin happy.

Tatcha Essence

Tatcha is releasing a new essence water that claims to amplify the performance of any skincare product that follows it. The Essence contains a concentrated superfluid of green Tea, rice and algae, which are three essential Japanese nutrients for healthy skin and a youthful radiance. The natural fermentation of these nutrients produces amino acids and lactic acid, which help to increase cell turnover for improved skin texture. This resurfacing superfluid of Japanese super foods transforms skin for a youthful and healthy lustre. The result leaves skin hydrated and replenished.  Sounds pretty amazing, right?

Apart from The Essence, Tatcha has also included a new moisturizer into their range. This new cream incorporates silk protein extracts for a stronger, moisture binding effect. The luxurious Silk Crème also uses Akoya pearl extract to support the natural metabolism of collagen and elastin to reduce the look of fine lines for smoother looking skin. I can honestly say from experience that this cream is absolute heavenly! Its lightweight formula sinks into the skin quickly, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and moisturized. A perfect fix for dull skin after way too many late night drinkies (but shhh….this cream can be our little secret *wink*).

Tatcha Silk Cream

Tatcha is available at Joyce Beauty and Lane Crawford. Tatcha products are ideal for all ages and skin types. They are all non-comedogenic, non-irritating, non-sensitizing and dermatologist tested. 

Tatcha - The Essence: HK$820 / 150ml 

Tatcha - The Silk Crème: HK$995 / 50ml

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All images courtesy of Tatcha. Graphics by Jade Collins.

Jade Collins

Editorial Assistant