This Skincare Brand Is Like A Visit To The Dermatologist

Singaporean brand The Face Inc. is a skincare company founded in 2015 with the philosophy of pushing the boundary of skincare technology to create cruelty-free and effective products to help treat common skincare problems and concerns - and now they've landed in Hong Kong! 

Pay special attention to their new Eye Lift eye serum, which is basically a miracle in a jar that promises to give your eyes a bright, wide-eyed glow that makes it seem like you had a full night's rest instead of being out all night for drinks (don't worry, we won't tell anyone). 

Eye Lift is a blend of various botanical extracts including glycine soja (smooths and tightens skin), perfeline (reduces dark circles and puffiness), and vitamin C (an antioxidant that reduces inflammation, softens fine lines and wrinkles and tones skin). From the photo you might think the packaging is a bit odd, but this is for a good reason: the 1-ml ampoules are specifically designed and hermetically-sealed to protect the integrity of all the ingredients. To use the Eye Lift, simply snap off the ampoule near its neck and insert the detached tip into the base to push the serum out. Invert the detached tip to reseal after use. Each ampoule contains enough serum for up to three applications. 

Eye Lift is now available at Mannings for HK$889. All other The Face Inc. skincare products can be purchased online at

Here’s to starting off 2017 with better, healthier skin (without having to entirely give up on junk food and happy hour). 

Photo by Brian HK Chan.

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