Introducing Mr. Burberry

  Josh Whitehouse for Burberry, courtesy of Burberry.

Alongside My Burberry, Burberry has released a new fragrance for men, fittingly inspired by the iconic trench coat and London. “Mr. Burberry is our most significant men’s fragrance to date,” says Christopher Bailey, Burberry Chief Creative and CEO. “It is traditional yet irreverent, elegant without being pristine.” 

The top notes include an uplifting and masculine grapefruit paired with a spicy and complex cardamon, while its heart notes dive into birch leaf and cedar wood. Underneath these layers is a base of rich and earthy guaiac wood, creating an overall classic yet contemporary scent focused on modern masculine sensuality. 

Scents aside, Burberry’s latest fragrance campaign was featured in Snapchat's Discover function for its reveal, and Snapcodes are also being used to unlock fragrance and grooming content at retailers.

Take a look at Steve McQueen's interpretation of Mr. Burberry for the new ad campaign below, featuring musician Josh Whitehouse and model Amber Anderson. Find out more at

Josh Whitehouse for Mr Burberry

Behind-the-scenes at the Steve McQueen film set: 

All images courtesy of Burberry.

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