Rhea Hair Inspo: Multicolored Electric Blues

Mildred Cheng shot by Brian HK Chan for Rhea Magazine

As with most other fashion and beauty trends, hair trends come and go just as quickly as they appear, so it’s our jobs (as editors) to identify and let you know those trends so that you can hop on the wagon early on and be identified amongst your friends as the trendsetter.

Now in terms of embracing trends go, we know that committing to a hair trend can be pretty life-changing. Most people can survive a few snips and alterations to style, but to change your hair color? Now that’s a different story.

Mildred Cheng by Brian HK Chan for Rhea Magazine

Here at Rhea though, we go full out with emerging trends and put ourselves to the test before writing about it, and, coincidentally, our editor Mildred is going through a phase of changing up her hair color. Since last September, she’s dyed her hair from her natural dark brown to blonde, and recently a bright pink around the time of London Fashion Week in February. Now, as you can see, she’s dyed her hair in multiple shades of blues and purples – and we absolutely love it.

Having gone lighter already, it was much easier for the blue colors to set in this time - the whole process only took around an hour or so. Be warned though: this really isn’t for everyone. Of all the different colors Mildred’s had her hair dyed, she finds that this multicolored blue attracts the most attention. Instead of subtle and quick glances that she used to get with her blonde and pink, she now gets blatant stares. Another small problem is the dye washing out. While the color of her hair still remains intact after each shower, the water does turn significantly blue and the dye does stain her ears, neck and fingertips.

Regardless, she loves it and hopes the colors will last until the end of the summer. What do you think? Will you be dying your hair anytime soon? Tweet us @rheamagazine or tag us on Instagram to let us know!


Mildred Cheng by Brian HK Chan for Rhea Magazine

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