5 Killer Instagram Tips from @samishome

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Shot at Kasa

Samantha Wong @samishome shot by Brian HK Chan for Rhea Magazine

For those of you who haven't heard about Sam, go take a look at her Insta feed now and you'll instantly fall in love with her minimalistic vibe and aesthetic eye for detailed flat lays. Sam's a prop stylist and blogger (samishome.com), and she relies heavily on Instagram to promote her business and present her work to potential clients - and it's no quick and easy task. Sometimes she'll spend up to 30 minutes taking the actual photo (usually for flat lays), and 30 minutes for editing in VSCO and Instagram. Evidently, her efforts have paid off and she's now garnered over 48,000 people who follow her day-to-day activities and travel experiences. 

To learn more about this Insta-pro and hopefully learn a few tricks, we had a chat with Sam at the beautiful Kasa restaurant to lay down 5 killer Instagram tips to help us with our 'gramming adventures. But as Sam says, remember to "truly believe in yourself and have passion for what you're doing". 

Here goes: 

Samantha Wong @samishome shot by Brian HK Chan for Rhea Magazine

1. Natural Light

I think shooting in natural light looks best for my photos, and I always bump up the brightness and contrast a little bit. It's a bit harder when I go out. Restaurants tend to have less ideal lighting, so I'll use the menus to block the lights. Oh and when there's white in a photo, I try to make it as white as possible while editing. 

2. Space 

I really like vast, open landscapes and lots of clean space. This can be the sky, the ocean, or just a plain wall or floor. See below:

3. No Selfies

I never take selfies. It's not that I have anything against them, I just think it's too personal for me to share publicly. Instead, when I do post photos of myself, they're usually taken by my friends from far away. You can direct your friends to get the perfect shot. I also never look straight into the camera. See below:

4. Shoot Blind

To fit everything into the frame, especially when taking flat lays of food, I usually just hold my phone up above me and keep pressing the button. I can't see what I'm shooting so I always end up taking a lot. It's better to have more options to choose from afterwards anyway. See below: 

5. Get A Good Phone

Most importantly, get a phone with a good camera. I switched from the iPhone 4s to the iPhone 6 a while ago and it made such a big difference in the quality of photos I took.

Samantha Wong @samishome shot by Brian HK Chan for Rhea Magazine

Happy Instagramming! 

Photography, Styling and Words: Brian HK Chan
Hair and Makeup: Candice Li
Assistant: Mildred Cheng
Model: Samantha Wong @samishome

Jewelry by CARAT* London
All Dresses by Ted Baker

Shot at Kasa, Hong Kong: delivering a fun and uniquely modern twist on traditional Cantonese cuisine. Find out more here.

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