Photo Wars: iPhone vs. DSLR

In today’s generation, anyone can create an account on Instagram, post photos, and consider themselves an 'influencer', And much like any article that promises the secrets of how to achieve success, there is a stigma that photos taken on a professional camera, or DSLR, leads to being famous. But here at Rhea, we love finding out the truth (and stalking people while we're at it), so we met up with Vancouver’s very own menswear fashion blogger Kelvin Lopes to discuss how he sets himself apart using photos and videos taken strictly on his iPhone to create unique content.

How would you describe your style?
I would say a fusion between street style and formal, so a formal street style if you must.

How did you start?
It was pretty organic, my friends always told me to start a blog, and at the same time I did modeling on the side. However, it wasn’t till last December (2015) that I decided to make a blog, and from there my following began to increase.

Why did you only take iPhone photos?
There’s no specific reason, just at the time I didn’t have a DSLR or any fancy equipment other than my IPhone. I used what I had at that moment and built from that.

What are things you religiously do when shooting?
I like to keep consistency in my photos by having the same poses, but varying my clothes.

Tell us a bit about the process.
Usually I ask my friends, or whoever is free to help me shoot my photos. I like the improvisation that comes along with this method because it is more efficient. Especially when in Brazil when I first started out, my brother helped me a lot then so that helped me create and maintain content quickly.

What apps do you use to edit?
I use Instagram to edit because I want to keep my photos realistic as possible. Mainly I adjust the brightness and the shadows.

How did you discover your target audience?
Based on experimentation, I saw how many likes and how much engagement I received at certain times and based my posting schedule around that.

What do you think made you famous?
I’m very selective with the photos I choose to post because I want my feed to have consistency, so I would say attention to detail along with passion and diversity is what has gotten me where I am today.

For Instagrammers who just started, what would you suggest to them to get ahead of the game?
I would suggest being attentive, focusing on quality and planning everything meticulously. It’s very simple but not easy, and takes a lot of work. I’m not sure about others, but I spend several hours of my day on Instagram and even more when choosing pictures for my blog and Youtube. Mainly because on my blog and Youtube, I wanted to ensure the knowledge I share with my followers match the photos that I choose to post.

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All images by Charmyn Chan