1205 Men's AW16

1205 AW16

Paula Gerbase's cut-, fabric- and proportion-focused 1205 AW16 Collection worked around themes of monochromatic geometry and understated elegance. Superbly tailored jackets and coats made of fur with leather detailing came in shades of black, navy and green, while pants emphasised on traditional craftsmanship and remained fitted, albeit ending right above the ankle. Button-down shirts moved effortlessly and were complimented with quilted pieces and knitwear. Standing out from the lineup were solid-colored, tailored jumpsuits that offered a glimpse into the world of a modern, refined, and rebellious gentleman.

Watch BFC's quick round-up of the 1205 AW16 Show at LCM:

Cover Image by Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images.

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