Alexander McQueen Men's AW16

With pin in mouth, the McQueen models grace the runway radiating gothic punk vibes. The suave tailoring of this collection is still ever evident with sleek silhouettes and squared shoulders, not to mention the assortment of timeless suits and coats.

Sharing the same last name, one wonders if Sarah Burton’s designs were possibly inspired by Tim Burton’s films; the dark, slightly eerie aura pertaining both. In reality, Burton was inspired by Charles Darwin and his interest in collecting. Her interpretation resulted in the birth of moths as talismans- “an object that is thought to have magic powers and to bring good luck”. The moth print fluttered throughout the collection, along with black and white florals that shunned all connotations that florals had with femininity. 

The collection transitions from simple, to prints, to red ensembles that resemble that of a soldier’s uniform, to a gold finishing of baroque from the 1600s. You could say that this collection has covered it all.

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All images courtesy of Alexander McQueen.