Astrid Andersen SS17

Spring/Summer 2017 sees Astrid Andersen venture into womenswear territory to complement her highly regarded menswear range. Showing both offerings at London Collection’s: Men (instead of at September's LFW), the womenswear range makes a timely debut and will be available in stores with pre-collections, alongside its menswear SS17 sibling. We know what you're thinking, this further heats up the see-now-buy-now and mixed gender shows debate.

Astrid Andersen ties her womenswear and menswear ranges together with a single creative vision for SS17. Based on 'time', Andersen blurs the lines between season and nature, and harmonizes the calm with the storm. At first, the clothes look like they're from a sci-fi movie where the protagonist gets to travel to Ancient times to fight villains and save the world. But as it unfolds, we are left utterly confused. Andersen-branded streetwear turns into Arabian Nights, then veers towards Samurai-esque looks, and finally takes a 180 to silks, sheers lace. In a spur of moment that seems discontinuous, there seems to be an offbeat concord that braids together every look. 

The colors revolve around dated yet opulent gold, where snakeskin is paired with a block striped patterning, and black lace is used liberally throughout. Though fabrics flow comfortably on models and there are distinct formal wear, leisure wear and even evening wear touches, this collection simply cannot be categorized. 

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All images by Helle Moos, courtesy of Ella Dror PR.

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