The MAN project was established by TOPMAN and Fashion East in 2005 to support up and coming menswear brands. For Autumn/Winter 2016, the recipients (in running order of the Show) were Wales Bonner, Rory Parnell-Mooney, and Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY

Watch BFC's quick round-up of the entire MAN AW16 Show at LCM:

Wales Bonner

Having graduated from CSM in 2014 and debuting with Ebonics AW15 at LCM, Grace Wales Bonner's exploration of black male sexuality and identity continues to draw critical acclaim through refining luxury with a hybrid of European and African approaches. For AW16, Bonner presents Spirituals, "a meditation on black spirituality, a current that flows from the ancient past and carries us away on a journey to a future way out beyond the galaxies". And as complicated as the headline may sound, the Collection is quite simple: classic tailoring is sensualized and feminized with curves and cinched waists, dressed in shimmering checks, camel suedes and ebony flares. 
Nigerian Irish composer Tunde Jegede accompanies the Show with a West African 21 string harp.

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All images courtesy of Starworks Group.

Rory Parnell-Mooney

Parnell-Mooney continues his exploration of the opposition between the ritualistic symbolism of the church and an image of a youth in defiance for his third and final collection for MAN. Inspired by paintings of Carthusian monks by Spanish baroque artist Francisco de Zurbaran, Parnell-Mooney creates an energetic collection that blends ordered luxury with the anarchic spirit of youth. Oversized hoodies reconstructed in velvet, layered silk pieces including thick neckties, and mock-croc embossed leather outerwear amplify the anger in teenage boys who are reeling against a system that tells him how to dress and act.

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All images courtesy of Starworks Group.

Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY

Jeffrey's LOVERBOY party is instantly recognizable with his AW16 Collection, which continues to explore a world where the classic, the twisted, and the out-of-control coexist in harmony. Inspired by a black and white photograph, the CSM graduate defined this season with 'drunk' tailoring: disproportionate silhouettes with broad shoulders, bell sleeves and shirts that have French cuffs but are designed to be rolled and bunched without cufflinks. Models paraded the LOVERBOY set with white-washed faces of clown-like makeup, all pretending to be drunk or existing in another dimension. The result: an outburst of Moulin Rouge meets wacko-party celebration of eternal youth.

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All images courtesy of Starworks Group.

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