Nigel Cabourn AW16

Nigel Cabourn AW16

Nigel Cabourn presented his AW16 Authentic, Lybro (work wear) and Army Gym (sportswear) Collections at his ARMY GYM store in Covent Garden. As is in Cabourn's design and manufacture philosophy, the 25 pieces from his Authentic Collection were all made in Great Britain, driven by inspirational stories of real people in history. New for this season, Cabourn introduces a dry wax finished 'Hybrid' Harris Tweed which is used in two brand new styles and worked into his well-loved Cameraman Jacket and Vest.

Watch BFC's quick round-up of the Nigel Cabourn AW16 Presentation at LCM:

Cover Image courtesy of Nigel Cabourn.

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