Soulland AW16

Soulland AW16

For Soulland's Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection, Silas Adler was captivated by the grunge and retro imagery of junk car river banks, and drew in a colorful and lively palette (ironic) to complement the array of varying textures and fabrics.

Boasting a selection of tailored overcoats, layered shirts, checkered prints, snakeskin jackets and waterproof windbreakers, Adler's Collection, while messy and all over the place superficially, is in fact a great literal representation myriad of car materials from different decades found at junk banks.

Even with all this happening, Adler didn't forget this is AW after all, and remembers to layer on loose-fitted separates to ensure comfort and warmth. Interestingly, formal pants are often juxtaposed with their more rugged, casual counterparts, while patterns and lengths seem to be playing a balancing act. 

Click through to see all 15 looks, and scroll down to watch BFC's quick round-up of the Soulland AW16 Presentation at LCM.

All images by Sascha Oda, courtesy of Soulland.

Hong Kong Stockists: 

  • Hypebeast
  • Juice
  • Twist

Cover Image by Sascha Oda, courtesy of Soulland.

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