Aouadi SS16

Yacine Aouadi's second collection is an eclectic embodiment of the elements of Spring, nature, and new-blossoming love. Bearing the spirit of an encore of her premiere collection, Aouadi relives her success through beautifully crafted sheer dresses filled with animal motifs and poetic embellishments. 

Flesh-colored silk organza traces silhouettes with diaphanous allure, as if passed through an X-ray scanner, where tone-on-tone braid trims are revealed and laces, transparent or translucent, shot with Lurex or ornamented with silicone, evoke at once the blush of early morning and the fluidity of a sea breeze. A few looks may seem quite ordinarily couture from the front, but the beauty secret lies in the back, where embellishments and embroideries take flight as cranes and pythons. Silhouettes remained relaxed but held a hint of early Victorian, while figures were accentuated with lined pearl-looking beads and thick embroidered belts.

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All images courtesy of Karla Otto Paris.

Brian HK Chan

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