Dice Kayek SS16

For Dice Kayek's Spring/Summer 2016, Ece Ege fused her love of fables and fairytales with her interest in architecture to create a compelling haute couture collection filled with beauty, romantic darkness, and a lightness of being, both figuratively and literally. Case in point: even though her crafted designs may seem weighed down by gravity, her technical efforts in fighting this resulted in extremely light structures, none of which supported by an internal frame. 

Little Red Riding Hood, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and even a modern Mary Antoinette walked the Parisian street-inspired runway, complete with cerulean mosaic tiles and even a manhole cover (yes, that's what they're called). Baroque formality translated into simple crepe coat dresses and separates that accentuated lines and figures, while not being overtly sensual. Big bows, puffy dresses and lots of fabric came together to create a surreal collection. But as if to balance this dreamy attitude, models all had clown-like, almost ominous eye makeup that reminds us  to dig deeper below the surface to find true reality. 

Click through to see all 30 looks from the Dice Kayek Spring/Summer 2016 Couture Show in Paris.

All images by Dominique Maitre, courtesy of Station Service.

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