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5 Asian Power Bloggers You Should Be Following

5 Asian Power Bloggers You Should Be Following

In today's saturated world of bloggers, YouTubers, and Instagrammers, it's easy to stick to the household big names who have been around the longest (take Nicole, Aimee and Chriselle for instance). Here we've summed up 5 up-and-coming girls that are kicking-ass in the industry right now who we think you should give a follow: 

1. Zoe suen (@zosuen)

Originally from Hong Kong and now studying law at King's in London, Zoe started her blog years ago when she was still in high school. She posts about personal style, creative inspiration, travel diaries and has even collaborated with Vogue China on their latest #VogueMe cover. 

Follow Zoe @zosuen and visit her blog at zoesuen.com.

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2. Andrea Chong (@dreachong)

With her blonde fringe and boho outfits, the Singapore-based creative combines her love for fashion and travel with magazine-esque layouts and clever writing. She's also founded her own digital advertising agency and is consistently ranked amongst the top bloggers in Singapore. 

Follow Andrea @dreachong and visit her blog at dreachong.com.

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3. Melissa Koh (@melissackoh)

Also from Singapore, Melissa captures her love for fashion and beauty while she travels to beautiful places across the world. Her latest Instagrams from Australia and Japan are filled with color, beauty and wonder. What's more, she graduated with a business degree and initially worked in finance before pursuing her dreams as a blogger. 

Follow Melissa @melissackoh and visit her blog at melissackoh.com.

4. Isabel Tan (@prettyfrowns)

Isabel's Instagram and blog are filled with tropical and care-free vibes that will instantly make you want to go on a much-needed holiday. Alongside palm trees, pools and pretty landscapes (with a good chunk from Bali), you'll also find cute outfits, delicious meals, and occasionally her boyfriend. She's also got a YouTube channel where she posts beauty routines, look books and travel vlogs. 

Follow Isabel @prettyfrowns and visit her blog at prettyfrowns.com.

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5. Yan Yan Chan (@_yanyanchan)

If you're a fan of colorful collages, film and good vibes, then you've got to take note of Yan. Her posts are filled with sun-kissed laughter and a delicate touch of vintage quirkiness. Based in Sydney, her feed takes you all over the world with beauty tips and casual afternoons slipped in-between. 

Follow Yan @_yanyanchan and visit her blog at yanyanchan.com

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