Erdem Pre-Fall 2016



Luxurious, romantic, mysterious, almost ominous, clothes summed up Erdem Moraglioglu's Pre-Fall collection.  Fitting, then, that his look book images remind viewers of Wednesday from The Addams Family, since his inspiration came from John Singer Sargent's portraiture of women and girls of Edwardian Society. Consequently, big bows on necks and sleeves, high-ruffled neck lines and lace collars are seen throughout the collection, all of which feature modest mid-length skirts or coats. 

Beautiful, dreamy florals continued to blossom on chiffon dresses and floor-length gowns. Ombre dip-dyed ostrich feathers on a cocktail dress and an oversized coat, and a suede coat helped add allure and mystique to the collection. Polka dots were printed on pink and white lightweight dresses and suede shoes featured strapped ankles in subtle, dark tones. Borderline gothic, black-laced dresses were highlighted with contrasting white, turquoise and red colored lace, while carnations bloomed on multiple gowns and cocktail dresses. 

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Images courtesy of Erdem.

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