Who Are The Guys Next To Kendall in the CK Underwear Ads?

Ever wondered who the chiseled bodies next to Kendall in this season's Calvin Klein Underwear ads belong to? Surely you've seen the image of Kendall a thousand times, but did you know the two guys also have their own individual shots? 

Meet Julian Schneyder and Mitchell Slaggert - their Instas are @julianschneyder and @mslaggert, in case you wanted to follow them. While Julian 'combusts' in his blue boxer briefs, Oliver is 'confident' standing in his darker trunks. Just look at their faces and toned physiques.

Take Julian's smile:

And Mitchell's abs: 

It's no wonder that they were cast with Kendall in this campaign. Browse through some of their individual shots below, which could help brighten up your Monday morning: 

Mitchell, who's only 21, is currently fronting CK's SS16 Performance campaign as well. Take a look at those pics over at Essential Homme

All campaign images shot by David Sims, courtesy of Calvin Klein.

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