Cameron Dallas Stars In New CK Campaign

Cameron Dalls for Calvin Klein 2016

Calvin Klein just does not shy away from mega popular teenagers. From Kendall to Justin, now we have Cameron to add to the list. 

To be frank, we saw this coming as the teenage heart-throb has been all over CK's Instagram and Snapchat since he attended the brand's Fall menswear show in Milan earlier this year. Cameron has a huge online presence with over 11 million followers on Instagram, 9 million on Vine and 4 million on YouTube

Shot by Jack Pierson in Malibu, Cameron's first campaign pics are a step away from the racy CK campaigns of late. Instead, the summer-themed campaign is a refreshingly playful and care-free representation of the brand, with Cameron posing next to model Stella Lucia in a limited edition, all-white, capsule collection of CK Jeans. 

Take a look at the campaign images below and visit to learn more. 
Calvin Klein Jeans, Shop 617-618, 1 Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

All images courtesy of Calvin Klein.

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