Design Your Own Versace Handbag

Versace just launched its "7 Bags for 7 Cities" contest - a chance for you to customize 7 limited edition versions of the iconic Palazzo Empire bag

The contest is based on 7 selected world cities: Beijing, Hong Kong, Milan, New York, Paris, Sao Paolo and Tokyo. Contestants have to take a photo of something in the city that, for them, is unique, inspiring and representative of the city. After tweaking it and putting as many filters as you like, you need to upload the photo to

Versace will then select one iconic image from each destination, which will be used to customize a new Palazzo Empire bag. Ten of each design will be made and sold in Versace stores at the seven cities. 

And here's the most exciting bit: the winners will be flown to Milan in September later this year to attend Versace's Women's SS17 Fashion Show (!!!). 

The contest is open from March 31st - May 16th, 2016.
Find out more information at

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