H&M's Conscious Collection Inspired by 300 Years of Haute Couture

H&M's 2016 Conscious Exclusive Collection, which focuses on using sustainable and eco-friendly materials, drew its inspiration from the upcoming "Fashion Forward - 300 Years of Fashion" exhibition at the Musée de Arts Décoratifs in Paris. 

Using organic silk, hemp, recycled linen and new innovative materials made from recycled glass and worn-out denim, the H&M design team created easy silhouettes and shapes with historical textural and decorative references. The collection ranges from a long ball gown in an abstract marble print and a white maxi dress made with layers of lace, to a mini asymmetric dress carrying cues from French Symbolist paintings. 

The collection will be available in approximately 180 stores worldwide and online from April 7. Visit hm.com to learn more. 

H&M Conscious 2016

All images courtesy of H&M.

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