Instagram Is Changing Your Feed Order

Farewell to the days of chronological feeds and unending scrolling. Instagram announced yesterday that it's going to be overhauling your feed so you can "see the moments you care first".

Essentially, Insta is reshuffling the order in which posts will appear based on what they think you'll be more interested in, similar to what Facebook does right now. Apparently it also factors in your relationship with the person posting and the timeliness of the post, guaranteeing that you're not going to miss it. 

With the boom of social media accounts the past few years, people miss on average 70 percent of their Insta feeds. And although some of us may miss scrolling to the end of our feed to the last photo that we saw, this shuffle will make sure that you won't miss Kylie's new selfie or your friend's new puppy. 

But what about posts from friends who we aren't so close to? In today's digital world, and especially amongst younger users, friendships are maintained to a certain degree by liking someone's photo or at least having something to talk about when meeting them next. So we guess we'll have to keep scrolling. 

Banner images via @chiaraferragni, @kyliejenner, @rumineely.

Brian HK Chan

Hong Kong

Editor in Chief
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