H&M Releases 'For Every Victory' Campaign

 Jose Aballi

Developed in collaboration with professional athletes, a new collection by H&M is born. In line with the sports-collection is a film campaign that celebrates personal victories, the power of sport, and self-belief starring the aforementioned sportspeople.

But these aren’t your typical professional athletes.

The common denominator? They all possess great strength – one that goes far beyond the physical means and has enabled them to become victorious in their own way and rightfully so.

“Here’s to the power of sport and self-belief. To those who get up in the morning to go running. To those who take on new challenges, fight prejudice or conquer their fears. This is for every victory.”

To star in their latest Every Victory film campaign, H&M tapped talents such as Chelsea Werner, who – in spite of having Down’s Syndrome – soared and defied all odds by becoming a champion gymnast; surf photographer and shark activist Mike Coots who lost his leg due to a shark attack but was already back in the water just weeks after with unwavering love for the ocean and its creatures; and Jose Aballi who yields incredible perseverance to become a professional baseball player and is named as the star third baseman of Cuba’s 18-and-under league. 

 Chelsea Werner

Also included in the film is Namibia Flores who gave serious girl power by defying societal norms – and serving as a female role model for women across the globe to fight for their dreams – by becoming Cuba’s first female boxer; rugby team King Cross Stealers who paved way for gay inclusive rugby teams worldwide and as a result, helped alter perceptions regarding sexual orientation and sports; and last but not least is trans icon/Olympic gold medalist Caitlyn Jenner who is on the forefront of the film campaign sharing her biggest victory of all: embracing her true self.


H&M’s For Every Victory sports collection is available in stores and online this week.

Watch the campaign below:

All images courtesy of H&M Hong Kong.

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