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How Good Are The Kylie Lip Kits?

How Good Are The Kylie Lip Kits?

Ever since the successful release of Kylie Jenner’s lip kits, make-up lovers (and her legion of Insta followers) worldwide have been going crazy trying to get their hands on the products before they're sold out (which happens in a matter of minutes!).

Jade wearing  Koko K , photographed by Jeline

Jade wearing Koko K, photographed by Jeline

The youngest sister of the Kardashian-Jenner clan has come a long way since being on KUWTK. Now a full-fledged teen beauty icon, Kylie is best known for her signature bold, matte lips. (Anyone remember the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge?) 

Naturally, Jenner saw and grabbed the opportunity (runs in the family?) to create her own make-up line, debuting a range of matte liquid lipsticks. It was about time too. And of course, being the make-up lovers and trend chasers that we are, we just had to go and see for ourselves if Kylie’s Lip Kits were truly worth the hype.

Courtesy kyliecosmetics.com

Courtesy kyliecosmetics.com

The Kylie Lip Kits all contained a liquid lipstick paired with a lip liner with the same shade. We tried out Koko K, Candy K, and Mary Jo K for this review.

Here's what we thought:


Jeline: One Lip Kit costs US$29 (~HK$225) which I think is a fair and reasonable price considering you get a liquid lipstick and a lip liner. There are a few brands that sell liquid lipsticks for the same price but don’t include a lip liner so I’d say Kylie’s Lip Kits are a pretty good deal. 

Color & color payoff

Jeline: I have a light-medium warm skin tone and when I first tried the lip kits, I was quite pleased that they all suited my skin tone. But I was a bit surprised at how dark Candy K was compared to the photos I’ve seen online. I don't know if it has something to do with the natural pigmentation of my lips, but, nonetheless, it still looks pretty good. As for color payoff, the lip kits were very pigmented so one swipe does the trick! 

Jade: Note that I am pretty pale, and I would like to say that the colors Mary Jo K and Candy are so beautiful, they could work for all skin tones. I love them. It was really pigmented and creamy to apply. 

Jade wearing  Mary Jo K , photographed by Jeline 

Jade wearing Mary Jo K, photographed by Jeline 


Jade: When you first apply it, it has a really strong vanilla sweet scent but fades once it has dried. 


Jeline: The liquid lipsticks are incredibly long-lasting and I never found the need to re-apply even after a day of eating and/or drinking which is great for no-fuss girls like me.

Jade: It lasts pretty long considering we live in Hong Kong where the weather is quite humid. Even after a full day of eating pizza and drinking water, it still stayed on pretty well. 

Jade wearing  Candy K , photographed by Jeline

Jade wearing Candy K, photographed by Jeline

Formula & Finish

Jeline: The liquid lipsticks dry in a beautiful matte finish that isn’t drying. The formula for both lip liner and liquid lipstick is nice and creamy which makes it a breeze to apply. They also dry pretty quickly which is convenient for people who are in a rush. I also found that the products do tend to transfer a bit when you’re drinking but it’s not something to worry about because the color doesn’t fade and it still looks great.

So far, I haven’t encountered any application problems with Candy K and Koko K but with Mary Jo K, it can get a bit tricky since it’s such a bold color and it does get a bit streaky so you need to be extra careful when applying or else it’ll turn into a bit of a mess if you accidentally smudge it. 

Jade: The liquid lipstick dries instantly to a matte finish but it doesn't feel drying on the lips at all. It's actually really comfortable to wear but I personally don't have dry or flaky lips normally, so I can't testify for those with dryer lips. However, Mary Jo K was a little streaky and harder to work with (it's my favorite shade so I'll forgive that small flaw). 

Jade wearing  Mary Jo K , photographed by Jeline

Jade wearing Mary Jo K, photographed by Jeline

Final Thoughts

All in all, the Kylie Lip Kits are beautiful products that look gorgeous and flattering, but we do feel that they are a little over-hyped. Yes, they are pretty good liquid lipsticks, but there are others that perform just as beautifully as the Kylie Lip Kits, if not better. We also personally wouldn’t stay up all night (due to living in a different timezone) just to be able to snag a Lip Kit before it’s gone.

Do you have the Kylie Lip Kits? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below or tweeting us @rheamagazine. Check out all of Kylie's beauty products at kyliecosmetics.com.

Photography by Jeline Catt // Model Jade Collins // Words by Jade and Jeline

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