Mindfulness: All You Need To Know

“Mindfulness”. You seem to hear this word come hand in hand with a lot of relaxation products or activities. “Yoga can increase mindfulness and core strength”, “Martial arts is a great way to become mindful”, “Meditation is a great way to allow you to enjoy more mindfulness”, but what exactly does it mean? Most of the time when you hear the word “mindfulness” you think “relaxation”, but is that really the case? To some people, baking can make them feel pretty relaxed, but does that mean baking cookies makes you mindful, well I suppose you have to be mindful of the oven, but what exactly makes you mindful? Read on to find out.

Mindfulness can of course vary from person to person. Some people may like to do yoga, or just simply make some comfort food at home, but the main thing is, it’s not about what you do to achieve mindfulness, it’s about what it is. Mindfulness is defined as moment-by-moment awareness of thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment. Well at least, that’s the Wikipedia definition of it. To achieve mindfulness you have to be aware of your own mental state and your own surroundings. The first step to becoming “mindful” is to start focusing on different aspects of your life that you would want to be “mindful” in, this could range from your social life, your work life or even your personal life. Once you’ve mastered mindfulness in one thing, you can start to build from there.  Learn to target things that may “disrupt” your mindfulness and get rid of it, this could range from excess clutter or even negative influences in your life. (To read more on how to improve your creativity and mindfulness read this.)

Remember: when on your journey through mindfulness, don’t compare yourself to others. Do not think, “oh hey that seems to be working for that person, maybe I should try it too”, everyone is different and not everything will work for us. For example, I am quite positive that extreme cardio workouts are not for me, but maybe for someone else, it’s their “peace zone”. Your mindfulness is your own personal journey, do what you love, and make sure you enjoy it, remember to focus on a goal and work in baby steps, for “paradise is not a place, but a state of consciousness”- Sri Chinmoy.

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Jade Collins

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