#ModelMondays: Ethan Turnbull by Scott Hoover

Ethan Turnbull @ Two Management
Grooming by Clayton Leslie
Shot in L.A. by Scott Hoover

Ethan Turnbull by Scott Hoover for Rhea Magazine

How old are you?

Where were you born? 
Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Where are you based now?
I'm currently in between places, currently living in Los Angeles until i move to New York City later this year.

How were you scouted?
I was scouted on Instagram about 2 years ago. 

Favourite city?
My favorite city would have to be NYC, it's fast-paced and a little bit of a rat race, which I like.

I have a few things I like to fill my free time: surfing and swimming in the ocean are two of my favorite things to do! There's plenty of amazing water in Australia so I am spoilt for choice at home.

Ethan Turnbull by Scott Hooover for Rhea Magazine

Fitness regime?
Being active is the most important part of my fitness regime, getting outside and in the sun makes up the majority of my physical activity. There are three key points that I try and maintain in my fitness regime and they include physical activity, a healthy diet and a good mindset.

Any pet peeves?
I am a little bit of clean freak, so people being messy really gets under my skin haha.

Guilty pleasures?
My favorite movies are always animation films. I think it's because I'm just a big kid at heart, but you cannot judge until you have seen the movie Free Birds :) 

Funniest/weirdest thing that has happened on set?
This industry is all about pushing boundaries so some of the apparel I have had to wear over the course of my career would make up the funniest and the weirdest things that have occurred on set :)

Ethan Turnbull by Scott Hoover for Rhea Magazine

Any models you look up to?
I always love to see other people's work and two guys I really like to see are David Gandy, and a youngster Jay Alvarrez.

Who are your idols?
I think the art of music has one of the most powerful ways to convey amazing messages and for this reason one of my biggest idols would have to be Bob Marley :)

Follow Ethan on Instagram @ethanturnbull.

Ethan Turnbull by Scott Hoover for Rhea Magazine

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