Elie Saab Haute Couture SS16

Enter India

Elie Saab's Spring/Summer 2016 Haute Couture collection brought us back in time to when young British explorers first ventured abroad to the opulent and mystical world of India. Saab's intention of re-creating an Indian jungle backdrop can, in many ways, be reinterpreted as a scene from the Jungle Book, or even more so, Tarzan, where his models are different variations of Jane. 

Fine lace danced along with elaborate embroidery and beading into beautiful Edwardian-inspired outdoor dresses and accessories. Often times, Saab alludes to saris by draping fine lace and fabric across models' bodies and working intricate patterns into every sheer fabric. Cuts were short and tailored, while jackets were often cropped, reflecting themes of adventure and challenge. Clothing aside, what made this collection stand out were the explorer-inspired accessories like the jungle lace-up boots, satchel bags and ornamented headpieces and caps.  

Click through to see all 50 looks, and scroll down to watch the Elie Saab Haute Couture SS16 Show from Paris Couture Week.

All images courtesy of Elie Saab.

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