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Rhea Asks: Industry Secrets to Summer Downtime

Rhea Asks: Industry Secrets to Summer Downtime

Here at Rhea, we love asking cool people for advice. And since our whole team is super duper friendly to everyone in the industry (we try to be at least), we're lucky enough to be able to talk to everyone from PRs to editors to company execs. For our first instalment of Rhea Asks, we called upon four power women to help answer some hard-pressing questions on their secrets to summer downtime: 
- Rachael Anderson, Sinclair Communications
- Venus Wong, Hong Kong Tatler
- Shirley Lee, Plug PR
- Coco Chan, Voltage PR

What do you do when you need to relax and unwind?

Rachael: One of my favorite things about Hong Kong is how diverse it is. On any given weekend you might find me wake surfing, hiking the Twin Peaks or going for a run along the harbour. I love the Caudalie spa on Gough Street for a little “me” time, or swinging by Skin Laundry if I need a 10-minute recharge. Their laser facials are life-changing!

Venus: I’m not remotely athletic, so any sports is out of the question. I’m quite new to Hong Kong (moved here back in December), so all my weekend time is devoted to poking around neighbourhoods that are new to me, and sampling as much street food as my appetite allows.

Shirley: Drinking, rowing and of course watching movies!!!

Coco: My mind is currently on overdrive so I LOVE to indulge in TV series/movies to relax and unwind. This allows my brain to stop thinking and transports me into the film that I'm watching. 

Where are your favorite after work / weekend hangout spots?

Rachael: If I’m craving a scene after work, I’ll be ordering cocktails at ZUMA or Potato Head. On the weekend you might find me at Maverick’s or Limewood – give me surf + sand and I’m in paradise!

Venus: Laid back places with delicious cocktails and a nice helping of comfort food, such as Aberdeen Street Social and Chom Chom.

Shirley: I would say LKF and Mong Kok, they are great places for drinks and food! I will go to places like Cheung Chau, Tai O, Sai Kung during weekend.

Coco: After work you can find me comfortably chilling at Jerry Maguire or Tantra.

Top 3 holiday destinations?

Rachael: Bali for beaches, India for adventure and New York City for food, drink and friends.

Venus: 1. Croatia: I visited Dubrovnik last October and loved it so much. I’m dying to go back and see Split and Istria! 2. Portland, Oregon, USA: It’s lovely in the summer and weirdly photogenic — you’ll see quirky murals and vintage RVs everywhere. Everyone has such a laid-back attitude towards life and it’s a very nice departure from Hong Kong. 3. Hanoi, Vietnam: I’m not too much of a beach body so you won’t find me laying under the sun. My ideal vacation destination is a bustling city rich in heritage and street food options. Hanoi checks all of these boxes, plus it’s only 1.5 hour away from Hong Kong by plane.

Shirley: Will definitely go to Shanghai, Taiwan and Thailand.

Coco: 1. Bali 2. LA 3. Thailand

Go-to non-alcoholic drink?

Rachael: Right now I love anything with turmeric – it makes me feel super reenergized and healthy. Genie’s “Orang Utan” is my go-to! I’m also a total coffee addict; the delicious cold brew at Winston’s has become a staple in my morning routine.

Venus: Ten Ren jasmine milk tea or a soy chai latte.

Shirley: Coffee and Hong Kong style milk tea.

Coco: Lemon tea.

Go-to alcoholic drink?

Rachael: Negroni.

Venus: I can make a delicious sangria. I’ll use white wines during the day and red for dinnertime.

Shirley: Craft beer and cocktailssss.

Coco: Coco Champagne (white wine + soda water).

Favorite artist at the moment?

Rachael: I am obsessed with this New York City DJ, Swells, at the moment. His “La Playa” mixes are perfect for summer!

Venus: My taste in music is really dichotomous: on one hand, I love hipster music from the likes of Foster The People, The Zolas and Moon Taxi. But I’m also obsessed with female hip-hop artists and rappers— Lizzo and Tk Maidza are my recent faves.

Shirley: Can I name more than one haha? My answer would be Mayday, Maroon5 and Eminem.

Coco: Currently obsessed with Jussie Smollet from Empire (HOTTEST TV SERIES... EVER!).

Do you prefer spending time in the city or countryside?

Rachael: I’m a city girl through and through!

Venus: I’m a city person, but I don’t mind the occasional escape to the countryside.

Shirley: Countryside! Beneficial to both body and soul.

Coco: Definitely a city girl ;) 

This Rhea Asks column first appeared in Rhea Issue One (Summer 2016). Some answers have been edited and condensed. Cover image by @garypeppergirl via Instagram. 

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