Rhea Exclusive: YEECHOO by Jeline Catt

  Photo by Jeline Catt for Rhea Magazine

Photo by Jeline Catt for Rhea Magazine

Every fashion girl’s dilemma always involves having the perfect outfit whether it’s for date night or an upcoming event. We can spend hours rummaging through our wardrobe only to end up with still nothing to wear - so what’s a fashion girl got to do?

Well luckily for us ladies in Hong Kong, Shan Shan and Abby Zhang have provided us with the perfect solution, YEECHOO Infinity – Hong Kong’s first ever clothing subscription service, with thousands of designer items available to rent at one monthly price. 

With thousands of latest season dresses and accessories from 150 luxury brands, you’ll never run out of options. Talk about any girl’s dream come true. The Infinity package is a subscription program that lets us rent as many dresses and fashion items as we want. A monthly package is valued at a promotional price of HK$680 (original HK$980), and lets you rent one dress plus accessory items up to the value of HK$680 each time for a duration of 4-8 days. For any order valued above HK$680, simply pay the difference between the rental price and HK$680. With this package, girls can have access to an unlimited designer wardrobe and keep challenging their styles in everyday life — without breaking the bank. 

To see just how great this Infinity package is, we rented 7 days of outfits to flaunt at various events and occasions. Each outfit can be rented right now from the YEECHOO website, so scroll down and see if anything catches your eye! 

You can use our offer code "Rhea 2016" from now until 31 September to get HK$100 off all rentals at Yeechoo (can be used by new and returning customers, but not on purchasing the HK$680 Infinity package). Head over to yeechoo.com now to find your perfect dress. 

Monday: Afternoon Meeting in Three Floor

Tuesday: Dinner Date in Self Portrait

Wednesday: Office Presentation in Nicholas

Thursday: Fashion Party in Balmain

Friday: Lunch with Friends in Preen

Saturday: Weekend Shopping in Self Portrait

Sunday: Charity Ball in Barbara Bui

All images shot and modeled by Jeline Catt

Jeline Catt


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