Thought Processes of Summer

You know that feeling when you step into a ray of sunshine and feel the warmth spread across your skin? Or that feeling when you jump into a cool pool on a boiling hot day? Summer is the season when tans get deeper, hair gets lighter and dresses get shorter. The smell of sunscreen fills your nose and ice cream fills your tummy (if you don’t like ice cream, stop reading).

Born and bred in Hong Kong myself, I know what summer in the city feels like.

During the early summer months of Hong Kong, there’s rain, and then there’s sunshine, then rain again because evaporation exists, but the sun will always come out eventually, and to signify the arrival of summer, Hong Kong offers blue skies and sunshine galore (just remember to wear sunscreen).

But despite the glamour of the city in summer, there’s always more to it. The beauty of summer lies not within the sparkling skyscrapers in the sun or the bright pops of colour in summer dresses, but in the thought process of it all. Your mind begins to wander and you start daydreaming about your amazing summer plans, you start to dig through catalogues to find the perfect summer outfit (any excuse to shop, am I right?) and you find yourself giddy, anticipating for the day where you can wear your sunhat and your flowy white maxi dress on the beach. It’s amazing how summer can just, make you feel so anew and refreshed, don’t you think there’s something magical about it?

Is it just me, or does everything just feel 10 times better in the summer? Your selfies always have the perfect warm, golden lighting. Repetitive pop songs on the radio become your new summer anthem. Days get longer and laughs get louder.  For me, summer is more than just a season. It’s an experience, one that changes every year. New ice cream flavours and new summer styles are just some of the things I look forward to but the thing I love most about summer is that it is the time for us to forget our worries (even if it’s just for a moment) and allows us to slow down and enjoy everything. Everything I see looks brighter and everything just feels….better.

Some of my favorite memories were created during the summer, and I hope that many more will be, because honestly, there’s nothing like summer in the city. So to all of you reading this, I hope you all have an amazing summer, and please remember. Sunscreen is your best friend.

So break out your summer dresses and start creating that perfect summer playlist. Let us know your summer thought processes by tweeting us @rheamagazine or by tagging us on Instagram @rheamagazine.

Cover image: Helena Chan by Brian HK Chan for Rhea Issue One

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