Why I love Instagram Stories

From the point of view of passionate fans and followers, and more so of friends who like stalking their peers but don't want to be to obvious about it, Instagram Stories is an absolute godsend we didn't know we needed. And even before Instagram Stories finally introduces its own dog filter and face swap, I'm already loving it more than Snapchat. Here's why:


This is THE BEST. Don't you hate it when you see something eye-catching in a story but it was only displayed for 3 seconds? Then you've got to scroll back down to the bottom of the list in Snapchat to find that person and watch their entire story from the beginning to see that single snap again? Super annoying. With Instagram Stories, you can now simply tap on the screen to pause the whole story and spend as much time as you'd like oggling at that blogger's OOTD, scrutinizing the details on that boarding pass, or seeing who's at a party that you weren't invited to. 

No Screenshot Notification

If pausing isn't enough for you, feel free to screenshot as many snaps as many times as you want, because there are no more notifications! Now you don't have to feel embarrassed about saving a copy of that male model's shirtless selfie to share with your squad (or for your own viewing pleasure). Hopefully this feature stays. 

Go Back

If you've missed something you want to look at but didn't pause quick enough, you can now go back! Tap the right side of the screen to skip forward to the next shot, or the left side of the screen to rewind. You can even swipe right to go back to the previous person's Story. Pretty cool, right? The bars at the top of the screen even tell you how many snippets are in each Story so you can keep track of how many times to tap back. 


A minor but surprisingly useful feature I never knew I needed is the display of people's profile picture icons instead of just their usernames. Sure, we can rename our friends with emojis on Snapchat, but sometimes it's nice to put a face to it too. With Instagram Stories, I can navigate around quicker and easier. If only we could click-through to profiles while watching Stories - perhaps a new feature worth working on?

Of course, there are other reasons to love Insta Stories, like the different brush styles and sizes and the fact that your message history stays intact. It's also way more convenient now that we don't have to change between two different apps to see what our friends and celebs are up to. I know lots of people are against Insta Stories, but honestly I'm digging it. What do you think? 

Brian HK Chan

Hong Kong

Editor in Chief
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